About the Author

about-author-pageKristie Macrakis, an author, historian and professor,  was born and raised in Boston, MA.  After completing her Ph.D in the history of science at Harvard University, she spent a post-doctoral year in newly unified Berlin, Germany. She is a professor in the school of history, technology and society at Georgia Tech in Atlanta where she teaches courses on history of science, Nazi Germany and the history of espionage.

Her numerous other books include Surviving the Swastika: Scientific Research in Nazi Germany (Oxford, 1993), Science Under Socialism: East Germany in Comparative Perspective (Harvard, 1997), East German Foreign Intelligence (Routledge, 2010) and Seduced by Secrets: Inside the Stasi’s Spy-Tech World (Cambridge, 2008) (Translated into German, Czech and Slovak and a History Book Club Selection). She is also the author of over 30 articles.

She written for, or her work has been reviewed in the Washington Times, NewsweekNature, Science, American Scientist, the Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Focus as well as the newspapers listed on this website.

She is also the author of the acclaimed popular magazine article:” The Case of Agent Gorbachev.” American Scientist, 2000. http://www.americanscientist.org/issues/feature/2000/6/the-case-of-agent-gorbachev.

For “Technophilic Hubris and Espionage Style” article see: http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/653104.

She has received numerous grants and awards from places like the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton and the National Science Foundation as well as Fulbright and Humboldt Foundation grants.

In addition to appearing as a guest on numerous radio programs (many listed under events), she has appeared on the History Channel and C-SPAN TV.